GEMS Education now in Singapore

GEMS Education has expanded its operations into the Pacific Rim, East Asia, and China with the opening of an office in Singapore.

Founder and Chairman, Sunny Varkey said,” The opening of our office in Singapore is the first step in reaching out to communities and governments across Asia.  We will build world class International private schools catering to all segments of society.”

The Regional Chairman of GEMS Education will be former Deputy Prime Minister of Australia, the Hon Mark Vaile.  Mark Vaile was Australia’s Trade Minister for ten years and has an excellent understanding of the region, politically, economically and culturally.

Mr. Vaile said,” GEMS Education has very clear objectives for this region.  We will be seeking opportunities to meet the education needs of various countries and their communities”.

Mr. Srinivasan Krishnan, Executive Director of the Region and COO of the Varkey Group with over 30 years of business experience, will be in charge of operations in the region.

“We are currently looking at opportunities in China and Australia and our other target markets include Singapore and Malaysia,” Mr. Krishnan said.

GEMS announce school in China

GEMS Education has embarked on a joint venture with Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco-City Investment and Development Co. Ltd. (SSTEC), to co-develop GEMS’ first flagship greenfield international school in Tianjin China – the GEMS World Academy (GWA).

The GWA Tianjin will open in 2011 to more than 2,000 foreign students, ranging from pre-school to high school levels.  The GWA is envisioned as a premium world-class learning facility, on par with the best international schools globally and will deliver the International Baccalaureate (IB) programme.





The Regional chairman Of GEMS Education Hon. Mark Vaile and Mr. Srinivasan Krishnan Executive Director of the Region signing a joint venture agreement with Sino-Singapore Tianjan Eco-Cotu Investment and Development Co. Ltd.